Battlefield 2042: Four new maps leaked

DICE and EA are working day and night to get Battlefield 2042 back on its feet with bug fixes. However, this clearly did not lead to further development into a complete impasse, as was often assumed. A data maker named “Temporyal” has now found data in game files that reference four new maps. In the files that Temporyal discovered, he found four names that refer to maps. However, most mappings are only workable names, and the maps should later be given other names.

Notes on new maps

The name of one of the maps is “Ridge”. However, it has already been entered in the files that the final name of the map should be “exposure”. The exposure has appeared in several leaks and is said to be located in the Canadian mountains. It is also said that there is a secret research station there.

The following map is titled “DockLands” and there are some indications that this map is for Portal Mode. So it makes sense that a remake of a map from an old Battlefield game would be. This could be either the port of Valdez or the Panama Canal from the Battlefield Bad 2 company.

“Drained” is another of the maps that have been found. Unfortunately, not much is known about it. There was artwork a while ago showing a dry stream in a desert landscape. Dataminer Temporyal thinks this could be the “Drained” map.

The last map he discovered has a working title “LightsOut”. Temporyal thinks this could be a reference to Operation: Locker, a fan favorite from Battlefield 4. Not much is known about LightsOut.


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