“70 is the new 60”: Die Toten Hosen rewrote “Wort zum Sonntag”.

“70 is the new 60”: Die Toten Hosen rewrote “Wort zum Sonntag”.

“70 is the new 60”
Die Totten Hossain rewrote “Word Zoom Sondak”.

In June, Todd-Hossain singer Campino celebrates his 60th birthday. When he was young, he never imagined that he would be a part of this age. That’s why the lyrics of the song “Wort zum Sonttag” do not fit exactly today. The band is now rewriting him without further ado.

Todd-Hossain says he wanted to say “what it was” until he was in his 60s on the lead player Combino band’s classic “Word Zoom Zondak”. But shortly before his 60th birthday on June 22, the singer, whose real name is Andreas Freeze, did not want to know much about it.

To mark their 40th anniversary in April, the D டுsseldorf punk rock band rewrote their song. Now the relevant line says: “I’m not 70 yet, and I’m not even close. Only then will I tell you what I was.” “70 is the New 60, you lollipops!” Tottenham Hossain announced that this is a new record in the mix.

“40 years is a long time and we are grateful for everything we have been able to enjoy and live with,” the statement said. “On this day we think of you all who were with us on this journey, especially those who could not be with us today!”

“Creed” of trousers

There is no more appropriate song to celebrate this than the song “Wort zum Sonntag”, which in no other way is considered the “hope” of the trousers. The band also released a video of the newly recorded song, along with several recordings of the band’s history.

Die Toten Hosen performed their first show on April 10, 1982 on Bremen’s “Schlachthof” – since the exact date of the first rehearsal is unknown, they celebrate this date as the band’s birthday. To mark the anniversary, the 43-song album will be released on May 27, seven of which are said to be new.

Will be touring and celebrating with fans from June 10th. Düsseldorf The city where punk rockers want to break their jokes is the city where things start: Cologne.

The song “Wort zum Sonntag” was first released in 1986. It is on Toten Hosen’s third studio album “Frauenwahl”.


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