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Salmonella scandal – Ferrero extends recall of select “children’s” products

  • Other “baby” products are now affected by salmonella.
  • Migros responded and took all 13 stocks of “kids” products from the group due to a salmonella outbreak around Ferrero.
  • This stems from a message from Migros to Cumulus customers.

Due to salmonella infection in European countries, the manufacturer Ferrero has withdrawn several chocolate products for children in the past few days.

So far, the recall has only affected products that have a specific expiration date, and now Ferrero is reacting and recalling all stocks of 13 products. This stems from a message from Migros to its Cumulus customers: The “Children” chain is affected mainly.

infectious diarrheal disease

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Salmonella is an infectious diarrheal disease caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella. Salmonella is usually transmitted to humans through contaminated foods – especially meat, eggs or milk. Food infection can lead to nausea, diarrhea, or headaches. It is advised to consult a doctor in such a case. (source: Federal Office of Public Health FOPH)

Ferrero has been aware of the salmonella case since last December

As early as December, the confectionery giant learned of a salmonella case at that factory in Arlon, Belgium. This stems from a letter from Ferrero France in Luxembourg, the DPA wrote. According to the notice, salmonella was discovered in a refinery at the exit of two raw material tanks at the Arlon site. Then the products made from it were discontinued.

The Belgian public prosecutor is investigating an outbreak of salmonella in confectionery giant Ferrero against the company.

On Monday, the Belga news agency and other media reported, citing the prosecutor’s office in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, that investigations are linked to a factory in Arlon that Ferrero was forced to close by order of the authorities last week. Previously, hundreds of cases of salmonella across Europe have been linked to sweets produced there.

At the beginning of the week, cases of salmonella were first reported in Great Britain and France. The Palestinian News Agency reported that it was mainly children in the UK who were infected with salmonella. Shortly thereafter, Ferrero called up some surprise egg batches. The Food Safety Authority said the recall “has a possible link to the salmonella outbreak”.

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