Présentation du projet de création de l'institut du cancer Axel Kahn au conseil départemental des Alpes Maritimes

40 thousand people are being monitored for cancer in the Marine Alps in 2020. Everyone is taking action against this scourge, the District Council, the Lacasania Center in Nice and the 06 Cancer Control Countries are collaborating to create a cancer institute, which will open in September 2022.

“different treatment”

This center is not a new hospital, nor an institution that offers traditional treatments for treatment, by imaging or by surgery. On the contrary, it will allow The consequences of cancer on health, well-being, or even work. For the President of the General Council Charles Angus Genesee, this project will allow “To support patients to try to find appropriate solutions for them in their treatments, follow-up of their files, prevention, and support during illness“.

About ten agents will manage this new structure.”Outside the hospital walls With cosmetologists, psychologists and health professionals. The principle of the institute lies in Care before, during and after illness. For the head of the department board, it is necessary to help patients solve family problems, for example “Because the disease has severe damage to the body, but its consequences are inevitable at the family levelThis support also targets those who have lost their jobs, to help them reintegrate and thus leave the disease away from them. The center will be free and available to all types of Maralpines, patients, relatives or caregivers.

Lisperate Axel Kahn

A unique initiative in France, the Cancer Institute will be named at the departmental level “Axel Khan Institute“And it is a logical decision. The famous geneticist who died last July insisted on putting the patient at the center of care. It is necessary to accompany the patient and the accompanying delegation during and after cancer. This support is essential in the eyes of Thierry Patou, President of the 06 Cancer League, who was inspired by Axel Kahn.

Cancer is not just limited to doctors, It is before illness. It’s after illness Axel Khan said“. President League Against Cancer 06 He explains to us that in this institute, “We will not treat, care is done elsewhere. _We will not work, we will accompany_. Cancer is a disease more than any other that needs supportAnd as a reminder that Axel Khan, who was carried away by cancer, demanded this until the end of his life. Cancer is not just a doctor’s business, so we will provide a welcoming place where people will want to come. It’s a hospital out of town, if you will.

Presentation on the project to establish the Axel Kahn Cancer Institute
Presentation on the project to establish the Axel Kahn Cancer Institute © Radio France
Alexander Mutot

“Outside the Walls Foundation”

Each year, there are 9,000 new cases of cancer in the Marine Alps. But if the department is well-equipped to treat cancer with the traditional method, it is lacking A place to rebuild after cancer, outside the hospital. So it is time to create this center for Professor Emmanuel Baranger, Director General of the Antoine Lacasani Centre. “This kind of care, non-technical, and non-tumour, was lacking in the Marine Alps. It’s a unique gathering place, but outside the walls, outside the stressful environment and hospital environment of a woman diagnosed, for example, with breast cancer.”

In the face of this shock, Professor Baranger sees the institute’s clear advantage “beyond the walls” of the hospital. “TheThe fact that outside, in my opinion, Allows for improved adhesion, experience and flexibility associated with this care. There, you will have health professionals who will arrive at a neutral, benevolent and welcoming structure, to receive the same care as you did indoors. It can only be useful for patients! “

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Another peculiarity of the Marine Alps, this new structure will also collect, protect and study data from cancer patients to improve research in artificial intelligence.

Un “Examination Center”

When the center opens its doors in a year, it will offer a “check center” which can roughly translate as a “check center”. The principle consists ofNot to treat the sick, but to prevent them from diseaseProfessor Emmanuel Baranger, Director General of the Antoine Lacasani Center explains.Someone could meet with a professional every six months or every year to see if the living conditions are, and if the rules of a healthy diet are respected in order to find out if they have risk factors and how to reduce them. These factors make it possible to reduce the risk and thus theoretically reduce the incidence of cancer. By improving the conditions of our daily lives. You have to start very early. “A site for the future installation of the Axel Kahn Institute has not yet been chosen.


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