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HomescienceCovid-19 'comfort' tests canceled on October 15, Castex . confirms

Covid-19 ‘comfort’ tests canceled on October 15, Castex . confirms

The announcement did not make much noise at the time, overshadowed by the crash of the sewer lane. But it will already be implemented on October 15: Jean Castix confirmed on Sunday in Les Échos the end of the “relaxed” free screening tests for Covid-19.

A measure to cut spending and encourage vaccination, already mentioned by Emmanuel Macron on July 12. “It is no longer legitimate to pay for excessive comfort tests at the expense of taxpayers,” the prime minister said. Thus, all unvaccinated people who wish to benefit from the health permit will have to pay for their Covid-19 screening tests.

Minors will not only have to take out the wallet. In this age group, the incidence is higher than in the rest of the population. Crossing off the list may interrupt the tests that were performed. Issues can then be spread silently. Minors are often asymptomatic.

Exempt minors

Continued screening of young people is a priority for the government. The key is to avoid a new rebound in the pandemic, according to the Scientific Council. In an opinion dated September 13, these experts saw another advantage of this exemption: “The end of free screening risks slowing their access (note to activities), especially in socially less privileged groups,” we can read in Notice dated September 13th 2021.

Jan Castex reassures: “Reimbursement for examinations for medical reasons will continue, either without a prescription for people who have already been vaccinated, or with a prescription for others.” Concretely, if you have a fever or symptoms similar to Covid-19, your test will always be free.

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During his speech on the expanded health card dating back to July 12, Emmanuel Macron had already announced that “rest” tests would become due in the fall.

This measure should encourage vaccination, assures the government. Some 13.2% of eligible French people prefer to avoid injections by getting regular checkups. Another advantage of writing off: reducing the cost of examination. It is 2.2 billion euros in 2020. A 4.9 billion euros is planned this year.

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