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“Who Cares?”: Andrea Kewell meets an old school friend in the garden of ZDF Television © picture alliance / dpa | Marcel Koch / screenshot / ZDF

On Sunday, there was a passionate encounter at the ZDF Television Garden: Andrea Kewell saw her old schoolmate for the first time in several decades. But the audience seemed unimpressed.

Mainz – Last Sunday, September 26, 2021, Andrea Kewell (56 years old) had something to celebrate twice: the ZDF TV park, for which she had recently won the German Television Award for Moderation, was not only proud of her 35-year-old, but the former competitive swimmer met an old friend At school on the TV show. Tears are flowing and there’s a big surprise – but fans don’t seem to realize this emotional moment.

Andrea Kewell welcomes Kirsten and Mario and Cowell and Kirsten bursts into tears.
Andrea Kewell welcomes Kirsten and Mario and Cowell and Kirsten bursts into tears. © ZDF TV screenshot

TV Garden: Andrea Kewell meets a former classmate

The TV presenter enrolled in first to third grade with Kristen. The former classmates have not met each other since. Although she always followed ZDF TV Garden seriously, she was unable to attend in person. It’s finally time for Sunday – a very special moment for kiwis, too. There are shared photos from their school days, a chatter about class reunion and Kirsten continues to shed a tear or two.

There is criticism on the network
There is criticism on the net © Twitter

An emotional encounter deeply ripped apart by Twitter users. “Just met in class.” So why such a scheme? I still knew 4 classmates at the time and would be meeting each other. But the rest? I forgot the name. awesome? of course not !!!! Those were grades 1 to 3!!!! One juvenile commented in the ZDF TV garden. Another asks “Why would you invite Kristen if she’s not the best friend after all?” while a third says, “Ur who cares who Kiwi was at school?”

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