The next semi-finalists for the new season of Das Supertalent have been decided! In the second edition, candidates from all over the world were allowed to show what they could do to the new jury. Thanks to some innovation, brothers Ehrlich, Chantal Janzen, Motsy Mabuse (40) and Michael Michalski (54) can decide who will send him to the semi-finals right at the end of the episode. These talents have succeeded and continue to fight for victory!

Six works were shortlisted, but in the end the jury awarded only three stars – and thus three places in the semi-finals. “Our first star went to the mass dance show”announce Chantal And so the all-encompassing dance troupe, made up of people with and without disabilities, sent another tour. The audience will also see Agnieszka Szkudlarek again. The Polish woman convinced the judges with her singing skills.

As the third member of the group, Karabo Morak performs in this episode. The South African dancer was not only delighted with his dance and energy, but he also had a special story in his bags: he and contradiction They already know each other from home! “I know the young man from South Africa, he was very young at the time”, I remembered the fame of Let’s Dance. The two met in the world of dance.

Ivan Zabetti and “The Mass Dance Show” in “Das Supertalent”
Agnieszka Szkudlarek on “Das Supertalent”
Morabo’s answer to “Das Supertalent”
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