AMD Ryzen Teaser 100Although AMD has created one of the most durable CPU platforms with its AM4 socket, it was and cannot support all processors from every motherboard. This has already been a hotly debated topic in the past.

Standard BIOS chips with a capacity of 8 or 16 MB ensure that not all information about the processors is compatible with the BIOS, so AMD had to cut the old braids at a certain point. Of course, comprehensive testing of all conceivable formulations and product policy decisions also plays a role.

Finally, the topic boiled over again, because some motherboard manufacturers later introduced support for Ryzen 5000 processors for motherboards with the A320 chipset, but those with the X370 chipset (except for some ASRock motherboards) looked down the tube.

AMD AM4 Compatibility

As part of the many discussions at CES, one of the heads of consumer products, David McAfee . also spoke toms. When asked about it, he said:

“It’s definitely something that we’re working on. We never miss that this is going to be a good thing for society, and we’re trying to figure out how to make that happen.”

There is no concrete promise, but according to this statement, one wants to deal with the matter again. He also said:

“I know this topic, frankly, gets a lot of attention and a lot of discussion within AMD. I’m not kidding when I say it — I’ve had three actual conversations on this very topic today. I’m not talking about members of the press; I’m talking about internal conversations within our teams Our engineering and planning teams understand what options we have and what we can do, and how we can deliver the right experience for the 300-series motherboard user who wants to upgrade to a 5000-series processor.”

You’re also obviously in internal discussions and not only contacted by clients and the press. You don’t want to raise high hopes and certainly not make any promises, but there is at least another ray of hope for X370 motherboard owners.

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