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Action adventure release in July?

Action adventure release in July?

Little Devil Inside: Release des Action-Adventures noch im Juli?

As part of the PlayStation 5 reveal, the mini-action adventure “Little Devil Inside” has been announced, which TIME EXCLUSIVELY ON KEYBOARDS It will only be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. There is no release date for the game currently, but it may be available in stores this month.

Little Devil Inside: PlayStation Latin America deletes Twitter message

The reason for the current speculation is now one again Deleted Twitter Message From PlayStation Latin America (via The Gamer). Part of the tweet was an image listing several video games scheduled for release on PS4 and PS5 in July 2021. An accompanying message read, “Get your thumbs up because July will see some great PlayStation releases. What are you planning to play?”

One of the games that can be seen in the mentioned image was “Little Devil Inside”, the exact release date of which has not been specified. The account now has one new copy In the tweet, but the action adventure has been removed from the graphics in this updated post.

The question many players are now asking is why the indie game by Neostream Interactive has been removed from the picture. It’s possible that PlayStation Latin America simply made a mistake and the game won’t be released in July. On the other hand, the account could have simply announced the game’s release period much earlier and the official reveal should have taken place at a later time.

On the topic: Little Devil Inside: Developers criticize ‘racial stereotypes’

Little Devil Inside is set in a fantasy world inspired by the Victorian era, but with the difference that the game world also contains all kinds of monsters. Your task is to get to the bottom of some mysterious event. Many dangers, different side quests and surprising encounters await you. You should always do everything possible to survive and accomplish your mission.

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Looking forward to the release of “Little Devil Inside” in July?

More news on Little Devil Inside.

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