Home science A collective call to access innovative treatments for patients

A collective call to access innovative treatments for patients

A collective call to access innovative treatments for patients


  • 85% of breast cancers are hormone dependent (estrogen and/or progesterone receptor) or HER2 positive (HER2 is a protein overexpressed on the cell surface).
  • Collectif Triplettes Roses wants to improve access to innovation through a project to create a national clinical trial platform for patients with triple negative breast cancer.

he is “unknown” And the ‘particularly aggressive’. These are the words Collectif Triplettes Roses, created a year ago, used to talk about triple negative breast cancer. at Press release published on February 21The association, which carries the voice of patients suffering from this disease, notes that this tumor affects 15% of French women diagnosed with breast cancer, or 9,000 new cases each year. This disease mainly affects young women. And for good reason, 40% of women diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer are under the age of 40.

Access to innovative treatments “urgently”

According to the group’s data, the risk of recidivism is high. They estimate 30% in the three months after the diagnosis is announced. The median survival is 14 months if the metastases return. It is clear that triple negative breast cancer, which does not have a marker (hormone receptor or HER2 protein) is difficult to treat. In addition, the available methods of treating this tumor are not very effective. This is why Collectif Triplettes Roses campaigns are made available “Urgently” Innovative treatments, such as vaccine therapy, immunotherapy or conjugated antibodies. She also asks about “Providing new treatment alternatives for patients at a dead end”.

Two treatments were approved last year

“In 2021, our mobilization allowed early access to two innovative treatments in France for transfused triplets,” Assembly said. The first treatment is “Sacituzumab Govitecan” which is sold under the brand name Trovaldy. It is a chemotherapy-conjugated antibody, and is available for patients who have previously received two lines of systemic therapy. The second is pembrolizumab (trade name Keytruda), an immunotherapy available to patients as a first-line treatment.

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