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AI detects breast cancer faster than other methods

AI detects breast cancer faster than other methods

In order to detect breast cancer at an early stage, women between the ages of 50 and 69 receive regular invitations to do so. Mammography examination. In a recent study, researchers examined breast screening technology developed using artificial intelligence (AI). They discovered that this technique could identify tumors much earlier and more accurately.

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AI identifies breast cancer faster

The University of Aberdeen, NHS Grampian and Kheiron Medical Technologies have published their findings in an official press release. In this, the results of a study are presented in which Kheiron Medical Technologies’ AI-assisted screening software “Mia” was examined for its ability to detect breast cancer.

The researchers analyzed about 220,000 mammograms from 55,000 women. The result showed that “Mia” was able to identify a specific type of cancer called semen carcinoma. This has been overlooked in traditional screening methods.

The KI index of 34.1 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer between screenings recommended repeat screening. The anomalies detected by the ‘Mia’ screening software were not detected by the currently used screening method.

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