Germany 12 points: Preliminary round rehearsals of the German Economic and Social Council

Status: 03/03/2022 12:55 PM

How will the six German ESC teams perform in the preliminary round of ESC? Today Harris’ owner, Felicia Low, Mile and Jonas, Emily Roberts, Eros Atomos and Nico Swift and Team Libby rehearse for their performance.

by Marcel Stauber

A day before the big live show “Germany 12 Points – Preliminary Decision of the German Economic and Social Council”, participants practice their performance in costume for the first time. Already on Wednesday everyone entered the stage for the first time and sang in a few rounds. The rehearsals began in the morning in the studios at Berlin-Adlershof and continued until about 6pm.

eros atmus out of the ordinary

Eros Atos training for Germany 12 points.  Photo: Merlin Schrader

With the ‘live’ eros atmus it brings life to the hymn of the initial decision.

The eros atmus stands on a small pedestal on the stage. An oversized picture frame is built around it. He himself is dressed in white, and his band on the sides is all dressed in black. Even two wind machines are in use, identifiable by the waving of Eros’ long hair. In the second verse, he jumped off the pedestal – thus breaking his temple. He sings to the band’s singles, smiles for the “cool” parts of the song, and gestures to the audience. Eros moves a lot and definitely spreads a good mood. Also in the second round, he used his guitar as a drum in “lap style” at the beginning of the song. This time he refrains from leaving the podium.

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Emily Roberts sings in the bubbles

Emily Roberts trains for Germany 12 points 2022. Photo: Merlin Schrader

Soap everywhere! Emily Roberts would like to wash the memories out of her head in ‘The Soap’.

The question of solid or liquid soap arises Emily Roberts No More. She apparently chose soap bubbles for her song “Soap”. Thousands of soap bubbles float on stage almost throughout the song. You can also see white, green and red bubbles of different sizes in the background of the stage. And that’s not all: From the second pilot round, the four dancers of Emily Roberts have been wearing oversized, transparent balls. The singer herself is wearing a blue dress that reminds us of the Disney Princess in Wonderland.

Maël & Jonas comes on stage with Bulli

Maël & Jonas train for Germany 12 points 2022. Photo: Merlin Schrader

Good Friends on the Journey: Maël & Jonas in “I Swear To God.”

Fully automated, rehearsal starts from Mile and Jonas. The two arrived on stage in a blue VW bus, on the roof of which Jonas made himself comfortable. Maël begins singing her song “I swear to God” while Jonas jumps in the background and begins the introductory chorus. Mile is wearing a blue jacket, Jonas is wearing a large slipover. Her band is also well organized: the drummer continues to sit in the truck throughout the song – her keyboardist is Achim Bruchhausen, composer of Thomas Anders’ first ESC decision song in 2006 and at the same time Jonas’ father. Maël & Jonas sing their title in a peppy duet, and the keyboardist and guitarist clap in the chorus and heat up the audience, who will be in the studio tomorrow. Clouds, trees and houses collide against the LED background. The two turn their performances into a ride with good friends. In a few more rounds, Mile and Jonas rehearse on stage without Polly.

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Felicia Lu’s “anxiety” becomes more vocal

Felicia Lu and her dancers train for Germany 12 Points 2022. Photo: Merlin Schrader

Felicia Lu’s “Anxiety” is about fears and how to fight them.

Felicia Lou is surrounded by four mirror pillars and begins her song “Anxiety” seated. She wears purple pants and a matching jacket, and her four dancers, who appear in the first house, also wear purple shirts. The background is in shades of gold to which are added red and black stripes in the chorus. Felicia and her dancers show very smooth movements. The version you show in rehearsals – and therefore also in the preliminary round – is very different from the already known studio version. Before the final chorus, the song calms down a bit, only to land in a very swaying final chorus. Also, the song is now longer than before – but it’s definitely rounder. Felicia ends her song with a typical rock gesture, like stroking a guitar.

Malik Harris started it

Malik Harris trains for Germany 12 points 2022. Photo: Merlin Schrader

Because the light stops shining, owner Harris wishes he “rebooted” in “Rockstars.”

It’s around 11:15 a.m. Harris’ first owner on stage. It sits on a keyboard on a pedestal. His guitar is in his lap and a small drum pad is placed next to him. At the beginning of the song highlight the 24-year-old girl. He’s wearing a yellow T-shirt, with blue stars twinkling on the LED in the background. In the first verse, he rises, hits the drum several times and takes the guitar forward. He’s a loner on stage, playing instruments himself, and in chorus, photos of him from previous shows are in the background – rock star Malik Harris gets cheers from fans. In the next rap part he puts all his feelings. After the first rehearsal comes the director’s announcement: The images in Malik’s background should appear much closer together – in the second run the background seems more coherent with the song.

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