Biathlon: Eric Lesser leaves the cat out of the bag -

Less breakup!

Biathlon star Eric Lesser (33) is ending his football career. The former world champion Thursday on the “Dual Biathlon Room” podcast: “That’s it for me. I’m packing my things here now, doing the World Cup three times and then: Adios Amigos!”


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The end of the season at the legendary Holmenkollen on March 20 in Oslo should be his last race. Even the idea of ​​a 2023 Biathlon World Cup on his doorstep in Oberhof couldn’t motivate Thuringia. “It’s just another year of toil. Another summer I have to think about: Is it enough? Isn’t that enough?”

Lesser, who has competed in the World Cup 276 times so far, is quite frank: “My motivation has become increasingly scattered.”

A year after the departure of Olympic champion and friend Arnd Bever (34) and long-time relay finalist Simon Schimp (33), another athlete of a particularly strong generation has left.

In 2014, Lesser won two Olympic silver medals in Sochi, and a year later in Finland became the world champion in the pursuit and in the relay.

As a member of the IBU World Athletes Committee, he also recently took over the IOC at the Beijing Olympic Games. The Games “under the heading: Money, make money. It is not about anything else here, ”the giant Lesser attacked the competition venues and IOC President Thomas Bach (68).

what is he doing now? “I want to become a coach and I have to start my coaching studies.”



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