1. FC Cologne: Modest flirts again with a club change

Whether he scores or not, whether he’s in great shape or not – there’s one thing you can count on Anthony Modest 100%. As soon as the transfer window opens, 1 striker FC Köln hangs his head.

How long is it in Jersey Cologne?  Anthony is humble.

How long is it in Jersey Cologne? Anthony is humble.
Photo Alliance / Eibner-Pressefoto

Frank Lossim reports from the Cologne training camp in Donaueschingen

The record set by Anthony Modeste again on Tuesday in Donaueschingen is now drastically massive, it’s the old song of the striker who only has one career. And in this one must earn so much money that it suffices for a few lives.

First of all, it is about 1. FC Köln, about views and goals. But when asked how he sees his personal future, that changed, from now on it’s all about one thing: Anthony Modeste. “I have a clear line,” the Frenchman explains, “if something happens, I have to speak to the club.” “But I think it wouldn’t be a problem, the one with the highest incomes should move slowly,” he adds a sentence that doesn’t sound good to MODEST fans in Cologne.

I not only have a career to win titles, but also to earn money.

Modest is interested in playing football as much as possible for as long as possible. This possibility is fairly prevalent in 1. FC Köln. Managing Director Christian Keeler announced that the striker’s contract expires in 2023, for talks of the fall. Modesty seems to be taking a long time. He would have had the opportunity to leave the club last winter, when it was agreed to stay. and offline? “If I have the opportunity to get a contract for two or three years, I will speak to the club. I have to think of myself, I not only have a career to win titles, but also to make money.”

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His advisor is actively engaged in the movement, and does not hide that player. Is there an offer? And when coach Stephen Baumgart was asked about his best striker’s statements, he shrugged his shoulders, saying: “If something happens, we’ll talk. If nothing happens, we won’t.”

Striker Sargis Adamian (29), signed by TSG Hoffenheim, arrived at Cologne “Ochberghof” headquarters in Donaueschingen on Tuesday and completed his first unit under Baumgart in the afternoon.


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