Sarah Engels does it with Luca Haney for

On July 15, 2022, the two former DSDS nominees will release a single together. The first snippet is already available.


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Apparently, the wishes of countless fans were heard on the Deutschland casting show sucht den Superstar: Luca Hänni and Sarah Engels recorded a song together. The two musicians admitted this via Instagram. It took ten years to release a song together,” the DSDS Season 9 winner wrote via Instagram.

Appropriately, the duo added that the song will be called “Ma Bonita” and will be released on July 15, 2022. But Luca didn’t want to leave his fans in the rain for too long, he recorded a short clip after his wisdom tooth operation and provided his excerpt via TikTok:

Meanwhile, Luca is hoping his fans will take on a new challenge on TikTok and the song will end up in the charts. Will both artists get number one?

For the second runner-up of the DSDS from 2011, this will be the highlight of her career. A year later, fellow Hänni was not only able to take home the win at the actors’ show but also dropped his first and last single with his single “Don’t Think About Me”.


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