Putin gives the choice to Wagner’s mercenaries

Status: 06/26/2023 10:11 PM

After the Wagner Revolution, Russian President Putin thanked the security forces for their efforts. He gave Wagner’s mercenaries a choice: join the army, return to the family, or live in Belarus.

Kremlin President Vladimir Putin thanked the Russian security forces and the population for their support after crushing the rebellion of Wagner’s private army. “I thank all the soldiers and intelligence personnel who stood in the way of the rebels,” Putin said in a speech broadcast on state television.

Everything was done on his orders to prevent bloodshed. “It took time,” Putin said. And it was possible to crush the armed uprising in this way ยป.

Thanks Lukashenko for mediation

He also thanked Belarus Governor Alexander Lukashenko for mediating the conflict with Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. His former close friend Prigozhin ditched the rally in Moscow on Saturday and is said to be finding refuge in Belarus.

Putin said he would keep his promise. Wagner’s mercenaries who wanted to go to Belarus could do so. Those who wish to stay in Russia can sign a contract with the army or return to their families. At first, Prigozhin did not mention Putin.

The president stressed that any attempt to create chaos in Russia is doomed to failure. “The organizers of the uprising who betrayed the country also betrayed those who stood by them,” Putin said.

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