Home Economy ▷ Put the trash in the basket! McDonald’s Germany begins a campaign against negligence in the disposal of…

▷ Put the trash in the basket! McDonald’s Germany begins a campaign against negligence in the disposal of…

▷ Put the trash in the basket!  McDonald’s Germany begins a campaign against negligence in the disposal of…

24.08.2021 – 14:39

McDonald’s Germany

Put the trash in the basket!  McDonald's Germany begins a campaign against neglected packaging disposal

Munich (OTS)

In the trash instead of on the street: Through the national “Give a Trash Can” campaign, McDonald’s is motivating people to dispose of waste properly over the next few weeks, underscoring its commitment to a clean restaurant environment. As part of the revitalization process, McDonald’s Germany has developed special test-based rubbish bins, which are intended to encourage guests to throw them out neatly. In addition, all restaurants in Germany will be equipped with new advertising materials in order to increase the visibility of guests and visitors to the site. In addition, the company also drew attention to this important topic on its social media channels and in collaboration with influencer Aaron Troschke.

“It is important to us and our guests that trash does not end up in the environment, but in the trash. Through our campaign, we want to raise awareness of this – and above all motivate us to help us dispose of packaging properly,” says Eva Roessler, spokeswoman for McDonald’s Germany. “It’s also clear that the best packaging is, of course, the ones that didn’t show up in the first place. That’s why we’re also essentially reducing packaging and closing the loop for recycling.”

New basket – new luck? Aaron Troshek as a trainee at McDonald’s

As part of the McDrive activation, select demo restaurants receive specially designed trash cans, which fun and playfully encourage you to toss them neatly. The basket and campaign are getting special attention thanks to a collaboration with influencer Aaron Troschke. In his popular exercise format, the artist shows how McDonald’s also deals with the topic of trash behind the scenes and what everyone can do to put “trash in a basket.” Campaign-style advertising materials, such as outdoor litter box posters with motivational claims and jackets for outdoor tours, also suggest in and around restaurants that careless disposal should be avoided. Information about receipts and intense activation on social media reinforce the campaign.

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Our plan to reduce waste!

“Give a trash can” is an ongoing continuation of McDonald’s commitment in Germany against careless disposal of trash. Conducting waste collection tours based on needs has always been an integral part of the company’s standards. In addition, McDonald’s and its franchisees have been organizing and supporting local waste collection campaigns for many years. In addition, the company has been working to continuously reduce plastic and packaging waste through its strategic packaging roadmap since 2019. For example, by switching from cardboard to paper packaging, up to 70 percent of packaging materials can be saved on select products. More than 85 percent of McDonald’s packaging is currently made from certified sustainable paper. By 2025, all sales packaging should be 100% made from renewable, recycled or certified materials. Quality recycling is also very important to the company. Used beverage cups are collected separately and recycled into sanitary paper or gypsum board.

For more information on McDonald’s commitment to reducing waste, visit: www.mcdonalds.de/anti-littering


link to Clip by Aaron Trosch

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