Ökotest in November 2021: polluted with carcinogens!  This coffee fails the test

Coffee is essential for many people. Ökotest has now taken a closer look at ground coffee from the supermarket and discounts. The result: Testers discovered potentially carcinogenic substances in more than half of the products.

How good is ground coffee really?
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For many Germans, there is no way to start the day coffee unimaginable. More than two billion cups are drunk every day in this country. In addition to whole grains, you can also buy ground and instant coffee in stores. Ecotest I wanted to see how good the ground version is and test 20 products from supermarkets and the November issue discounts. The result: Experts found possible carcinogens in many types of coffee. Only one product received a “good” rating in the test.

Environmental testing in November 2021: the carcinogen acrylamide was found! This is how coffee performs in the test

For the test, our eco-testers chose particularly strong selling brands with strengths of 3 or 4. Strength refers to the degree of roasting the coffee bean. But the test results are realistic: only one of the 20 products was able to convince with “good”. Almost half of ground coffee fails the test. According to Ökotest, this is mainly due to harmful substances suspected of being carcinogenic, and a lack of efforts to protect human rights and protect the environment in producing countries.

Thirteen of the coffees tested were negative due to an “increased” acrylamide content. This contaminant is produced when coffee beans are roasted. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), acrylamide can increase the risk of cancer. In addition, environmental laboratories have detected furan and methylfuran. According to Efsa, this can damage the liver and cause cancer as well. But there’s also good news: adults who drink four cups of coffee a day don’t have to worry.

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Ground coffee in environment testing: an overview of all tested products

Ökotest took a closer look at the following products:

  • Al Natura ground coffee (test result: “sufficient”)
  • Amaroi Extra, ground coffee (Aldi Sud)
  • Bellarom Gold, ground coffee grounds (Lidl)
  • 100% Organic Cafe Arabica, Ground Roasted Coffee
  • Dallmayr Classic, ground coffee (test result: “poor”)
  • Strong, aromatic Daenerys coffee powder as fine as a filter (Test result: “Satisfactory”)
  • Eduscho Gala No.1 Classic, ground roast coffee (chibo) (test result: “poor”)
  • Ellis Coffee Gourmet, ground
  • Gepa Faires Pfund Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Ground (Test Result: “Good”)
  • Good and cheap gold aroma roasted coffee (Edica)
  • Coffee idea ground roasted coffee charity
  • Jacobs Kronung, ground roasted coffee (test result: “poor”)
  • Lebensbaum Gourmet ground coffee
  • Marcus Coffee Gold Ground Roasted Coffee (Aldi Nord)
  • Melitta Auslese Classic, ground roasted coffee (test result: “sufficient”)
  • Mona Gourmet, ground and filtered roasted coffee
  • Mount Hagen Arabica coffee
  • Mövenpick Heavenly, ground roast coffee
  • Strong Classic Vote, Land of Röstkaffee (Norma)
  • Delicious roasted and ground Tchibo coffee

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