Elmar Weber talks about his brother Fritz's health

How is Fritz Weber really doing? After numerous speculations in recent weeks, his brother Elmar has also spoken out. This gives hope – also for a Christmas party together.

Fritz Weber’s health has been worrying his fans for months. The former “For Heaven’s Sake” star is battling cancer at the age of 80. In the spring he was in the intensive care unit for weeks, and since the summer he has been in a rehabilitation clinic.

His younger brother Elmar Weber, who regularly visits Fritz Weber, according to his own statements, now explains to the newspaper “Bild”: “My brother is on the right track.”

It is not yet clear when Fritz Weber will be allowed to return home. “But definitely for the foreseeable future,” says the 77-year-old. It seems that the actor should be able to celebrate Christmas at home. Recently, there were rumors that Fritz Weber’s condition had worsened and that he had to undergo intestinal surgery. Elmar Weber contradicts these claims: “There was no intestinal surgery!”

“Right now, I’m working on being able to walk again”

On his 80th birthday in August, Fritz Weber himself commented on his health. “Right now I’m working on being able to walk again,” he told Punt. “After lying down for a long time, of course, the muscles break down accordingly.”

In this poor state of health, the artist feels the diversity and encouragement of his loved ones. The 80-year-old said, “Daily visits from my family and friends are always a privilege and give me a lot of strength. We make working hours as fun and joyful as possible.”

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Fritz Weber is married to 74-year-old photographer and director Susan Kellermann. The two have a daughter, Philippa.


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