Home entertainment RTL: Despite your apology – the announcer continues to receive criticism

RTL: Despite your apology – the announcer continues to receive criticism

RTL: Despite your apology – the announcer continues to receive criticism

During a moderation session on “Punkt 12”, Katja Burchard uttered a word that shouldn’t be used. Photo: RTL

Katja Burchard apologizes after gaffe shown on TV – viewers continue to express criticism

Last week, “Punkt 12” host Katya Burkard came under a lot of criticism for using a racist word during one of the show’s temperance sessions: In a conversation with Oksana Kolenpicchenko of “Goodbye Germany” on Thursday, she made reference to several rallies. Women in the name of “Gypsy Lives”. This is only possible with smaller children, not with older children.

On Friday, the presenter apologized on Instagram after a large number of viewers objected to the expression on social media. It also announced that it will address the daily racism problem in “Article 12” as soon as possible. However, it still receives criticism from users – for example, accusing it of shirk responsibility by its wording.

Katja Burchard’s statement has been criticized

Burchard posted a lengthy Instagram post in which she wrote, among other things: “I made a mistake and I’m so sorry about it and I know people feel hurt.” In retrospect, she judged her own statement on the show: “I used the word insulted by Roma and Sinti. Of course, this shouldn’t happen and I can’t explain it to myself either. I want to make it clear that I abhor any form of racism and discrimination.”

She also mentioned that she had already read all the comments she had received up until then. Some of them were “humiliating” and hurting, but she “didn’t want to moan” now.

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In the comments, Burkard received a lot of encouragement for their opinions, but some users did not consider their choice of words very successful. “If someone feels offended…”It’s nice to let go of responsibility again”For example, he reads a note. Accordingly, Burchard’s statement is already an objective insult, without anyone even having to perceive it in this way. Another user also finds obvious words and writes:

“Dear Katia Burchard, what comments do you consider offensive? I have not read here words of insults or hateful slogans. Yes, it may be painful when those affected consider their anti-sectarianism, but much more is required of us, what we should, if you permit, accept everything And how we should feel about it then.”

Still others talk about other incidents from recent television history, such as the “Last Instance” scandal. Here Thomas Gottschalk said that he once disguised himself as Jimi Hendrix at a party and thus experienced “how a black person feels” for the first time. After Schöneberger, ‘The Last Instance’ with Gottschalk, Kunze and some Class C celebrities This false naivety offends my intelligenceYou can now read about Burkard on Instagram. The accusation is that the 56-year-old has learned nothing from the mistakes of many of his fellow entertainers.

It should also be noted that the word Burkard used in “Element 12” is not only a huge problem in itself, but above all the cliché with which it is introduced. One user complains: “I found the connection we had with the worst! According to the motto: Kids do nothing all day and are lazy (…). You can see what kind of chart you put in! That was nothing, Frau Burkard, you can’t get out of that number.

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RTL announces “point 12”

Sometimes it is suggested that Burchard leave RTL. “Others have to take off their hats and the excuse suffices. (…) I think you are never allowed to modify a program again,” one of the demands.

In fact, the radio has not yet released a statement regarding Katya Burchard. A spokeswoman, however, said: “Next Monday, Radoslav Janev, founder of the Roma and Sinti initiative Romanetti, will be a guest on the Daily Racism Dealing Program to educate colleagues in this regard.”


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