Trump crashed onto Forbes' list of the richest people

DrFormer US President Donald Trump has slipped 298 into Forbes’ annual list of the world’s richest people – to 1299. American business magazine estimates that he currently has $ 2.4 billion.

Trump did not want to give up his business activities even as president. Forbes says it’s a big mistake. If he had sold his company’s shares before taking office as head of state and did not enter the market again until after the end of his term in office, he would now be richer at $ 1.6 billion and much higher. The US S&P 500 stock index has risen 70 percent during Trump’s presidency – far more than Trump’s private assets.

The 35. Forbes List Chief among the world’s richest people – as in previous years – is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. His net worth is estimated at $ 177 billion. It is followed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk with $ 151 billion.

The number of billionaires on the list is more than ever: 2,755,660 more than last year. 86 percent of them are richer than they were in March 2020. A large number of new arrivals come from Hong Kong and China. But also American superstar Kim Kardashian with a billion dollar fortune is there for the first time.


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