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Trouble selling cat litter: Lidl customers are angry


December 17, 2021 – 2:36 pm hour

Cats are creatures of habit

Pets and especially cat owners know this: once a little lover gets used to a certain routine, it is difficult to convince him to do so. While one cat eats a certain type of food, the other only allows one type of litter in her toilet. The Lidl series now also notes the issues this poses to owners.

selling cat litter; The customer vents his anger on Facebook

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They look peaceful, but they can also be completely different: cats.

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The owner of such a demanding cat has now dumped her frustration on the company’s Facebook page. Because the cat seems to have left only the house brand droppings on the bottom of her fur.

Well Lidl, we have to talk. Or you have to talk. With the supplier of cat litter. For about two years, we’ve been standing in front of empty cat litter racks. No matter which branch you try. When asked, he always says back ‘delivery jams.’ When Cat litter goes out, cat owners are literally in the litter. Understandable this can happen. But this is slowly becoming permanent,” writes the annoying customer.

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Lidl’s response to the complaint: “Fully work on a solution”

In the comments column, other cat owners who are apparently facing the same problem show their solidarity. “Coshida” brand droppings are often sold or only available in small quantities.

How does the opponent react? Lidl responded directly to the customer’s post: “Unfortunately, we are currently unable to supply the ordered items in sufficient quantities. Since the availability of merchandise in our branches is of extreme importance to you as a customer as well as to us as a retailer, we are already working with you and would like to thank you very much for your understanding and patience” .

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Should cat habits change now?

It is not known if the client’s cat was accustomed to a different litter in the meantime. Given the delivery bottlenecks, they likely have no other choice. But maybe it can help to learn more about Velvetpaw’s character. (fge)

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