Champions League without Eindhoven
Kotse fails bitterly at the big goal

PSV Eindhoven need only one goal, play with a majority for almost an hour – then fail to qualify for the Champions League. The team around Mario Coates missed against Benfica Lisbon to make up for the deficit from the first leg. So there is only one consolation prize.

The season has not started yet, yet for the 2021/22 season Mario Gotze will have to write one of his biggest hopes. Despite counting more than 60 minutes, PSV Eindhoven scored only 0-0 in the second leg of their last Champions League qualifying round. The draw was not enough for the Dutch runner-up surrounding the former German national footballer, instead Benfica Lisbon is celebrating the end of stop time. Before the match against the traditional club from Portugal, Kotse said it was “very important to me personally” for PSV to reach the group stage for the first time since 2018.

It was good early in the game despite losing 2-1 to Benfica. Einhoven decided the move, especially after Lisbon’s Lucas Vericimo was sent off in the 32nd minute in yellow-red. A large number of good chances were missed, the best of which started with a pass by Kotse in the 62nd minute. Striker Eran Zahavi came free from close range a few seconds later, but hit the crossbar. After the game Amazon expert Mario Gomes said, “He has to score that goal and there is no question about it.

Philip Max’s set pieces also did not present enough target risk, PSV tried hard, but not enough at critical moments. Although Eindhoven presented themselves as the best team for 180 minutes at Rindurn Lake, they eventually cheered on Benfica former national player and PVP professional Julian Weigel and former German U-national goalkeeper and today’s Greek national goalkeeper and today’s Greek national goalkeeper. For Eindhoven, meanwhile, it is in the Europa League, having had 32 rounds against Olympiacos Prius last year.

In a fight between two former Bundesliga coaches, David Wagner Peter Stagers won the Young Boys Bern at Bernabeu’s Bernabeu. After a 3-2 victory in the first match, the Swiss won 3-2 (1-2) in the Hungarian capital and regained team status after two failed attempts. Former Cologne and Dortmund coach Stoker led the Ferrero-Waldner 2-1 after 27 minutes, but has now made the lead and is now heading to the Europa League. In the third match of the Malmo FF evening, the Swedish champions defeated the title-winning Ludogorets Raskrat of Bulgaria 2-1 and had a 2-0 lead from the first leg.

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