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Floodlight failure and three goals: VfL Osnabrück Viktoria Köln | NDR.de – Game

Floodlight failure and three goals: VfL Osnabrück Viktoria Köln |  NDR.de – Game

Status: 06.09.2021 10:36 pm.

Third Division Football Club VfL Osnabrück celebrated their third consecutive victory with a 3-0 (0-0) win over Victoria Cole. Lower Saxony could not be stopped by the intermittent failure of the incandescent lamps.

By Hanno Bot

After the 100th third division victory in the club’s history, VfL coach Daniel Scherning said, “I am delighted and proud that we won this game against a good team. Meanwhile, his representative Olaf Johnson complained:” Unfortunately, we rarely get the ball over the line. Otherwise it would have been an even more exciting game. “

The VfL in front of the goal was unfortunate at the start

Both teams had a heavy downpour from the start at Bremerbrook Stadium on Monday evening. After twice appearing dangerously in front of the VFL house in the early stages, the “purple-whites” mostly grabbed the scepter and then got better shot chances. Sebastian Klaus (9th), Aaron Oboku (16th), Ba-Muka Simagala (22nd) and Sven Kohler (39th) found Victoria keeper Moritz Nichols at their pace: the 23-year-old is a master.

Also, the ball catcher who borrowed from Cologne from Borussia Munchengladbach was certainly particularly inspiring this fall evening, after all, he was part of the Osnabrock team in the previous series, but not beyond the role of substitute keeper.

The game was interrupted for a while due to a floodlight malfunction

Floodlights that failed at VfL Osnabrück Stadium in Bremerbrook during the game against Victoria Colon.  AG IMAGO / Osnabix

Shortly before the break, the lights at the stadium in Bremerbrook were turned off.

Stories that only football can write. But even in this case it was a story that faded into the background, because it suddenly became very dark at the football temple in Osnabrck. Shortly before half-time, the Floodlights failed, so referee Richard Hembell (Gronorf) interrupted the game (42nd). Hectic activity spread to the lawn and the stomach of the arena. The source of the error was searched – but it could not be found quickly. The referee finally decided to play in the semi-darkness for the remaining minutes until the break. There was no clear moment for any team at this point, so it went 0-0 to the dressing room.

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While the tea was being drunk there, the stadium lights were lit again. Solution to the puzzle: A fuse is blown.

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Haider leads the VfL with a dream goal

Eleven minutes after the side break VFL captain Mark Haider was shown inspirational technology. The 35-year-old scored 1-0 with a side pull after O’Brien’s heartfelt submission. Great joy in Bremerbrook at this time, however, may have been led by the Cologne team as well. Len Jostremsky hit the aluminum 180 seconds before Heather’s heroic act.

Osnabrock benefits from mistakes made in Cologne

Osnabrock’s football “Methuselah”‘s goal hunger is still not satisfied after the third goal of the season. When Cologne did not want to separate the ball in front of his own penalty area at Simon Hand, Haider ran against him and stole it to make Nicholas 2-0 (68th) with a solid left foot shot. It was bad for the guests. Defender Aaron Purcell, who once played with Haider on the Holstein hinge, pushed the ball into his own net in the 74th minute after a sharp cross by Florian Kleinhanslin.

It was the end of a game that was always very entertaining (but not always well lit), in which Cologne was definitely not three goals bad. But the Rhinelander is not a Hyder in their lineup. “It’s a great bridge evening we love. We’re so excited and happy,” the contest winner said on VfL-TV.

Competition Day 7, September 6, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

VfL Osnabrook


Victoria Cologne



  • 3: 0
    Purcell (75th, own goal)
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VFL Osnabrock:
B. Con – L. Kunsey, Kukanik, M. Trop (90. Beerman), Kleinhansl-Glass (85. Pabo), U.S.A. Daffordschofer, Kohler – Simkala (46. Hickle), Haider (85. Wooden), Oboku (77. Bertram)

Victoria Cologne:
Nicholas – Purcell, Gregor, Fritz – Heister (May 59), k. Kleppish (78th Sandheimer), Larch, handle – Philip (46th Marseiller), Rissey (86th Palacios Martinez) – Justremsky (78th Hong)


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Osnabrock's Mark Haider shouts for a goal.  AG IMAGO / Revierfoto

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