Asteroids and Meteors: A shimmering ball of light that makes the night sky glow green

A meteor showered the night sky over Brittany with a bright green light for seconds.

Paris – a meteor The night sky over Brittany was bathed in a bright green light for seconds.

The ray of light that is created when it enters the atmosphere is called a meteor. Fragments that still reach the Earth’s surface are called meteorites. (icon image) ©

The rocket – a particularly bright meteor – was reported by nearly 250 people, wrote the electronic platform for observing the sky “Fiji Cel”, with the support of the National Museum of Natural History of France, on its website.

A bright ball of light can be seen in the images shared in the network, which describe an arc in the night sky and briefly illuminate it green before finally turning orange and disappearing.

According to “Vigie-Ciel”, Al-Boulide appeared late Sunday evening at 11.47 pm. It was made by people in the Northwest Quarter From France – About France as well as from Great Britain seen from. Some witnesses also reported an explosion.

Asteroids and meteorites: a danger to Earth?  must asteroid "shoot" will
Asteroids, meteorites and comets
danger to earth? You must “shoot” an asteroid

“It was really amazing, I just wondered for a moment what would happen now,” meteorologist Stephen Towal told FranceInfo.

The illumination that occurs when celestial bodies enter the Earth’s atmosphere is called a meteor. Bolids, also known as fireballs, rely on more massive bodies that sometimes fall to the Earth’s surface in the form of meteorites.

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