TRUMP: After the trial date, Trump is acting as the savior of the nation
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After the court date, Trump is acting as the nation’s savior

Stephanie Bolt

“I’m the only one who can save this nation”: Donald Trump during his performance in New Jersey

Cowell: AFP/Ed Jones

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The indictment against Donald Trump in the Document case contained 37 points. The former US president is silent on his trial date in Miami. Soon after, he raises his voice to his supporters – promising that “justice will be done” in next year’s elections.

HIt was shortly after 3 p.m. local time on Tuesday when Donald Trump had to confirm his identity and comment on the 37 counts in his latest indictment before a Miami judge. Trump let two of his lawyers speak, sat in the room with his arms crossed and didn’t say a word.

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In the evening, after barely five hours, the forty-fifth president of the United States stood at the microphone and spoke about himself, and before him there were no judges and lawyers, but a loyal audience. Trump’s team had been invited to his golf club in New Jersey for a fundraiser, and fans came in droves.

If further evidence was needed that America is divided into two parallel worlds – the scene at court in Miami and a few hours later in front of the swanky club in Bedminster are perfect illustrations.

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While the US judiciary in Miami wants to do justice to allegations that Trump illegally kept top secret information and obstructed investigations, the 77-year-old wants his rights guaranteed. “They want to shut you up. But I will never let them shut you up. I’m the only one who can save this nation. They want to have you, but I’m standing in their way. And I’m not going away,” Trump again acted like Christ. “On November 5, 2024, justice will be done. Then we will take our country back and make America great again!”

He says Donald Trump’s rights will be spoken of by voters at the polls. No laws, no investigators, no prosecutors or judges are responsible for this. They are Trump voters, and if they make their former president president again, this election is above the law. which should make it possible. Trump announced that after he returns to the White House, he will appoint a special investigator to investigate the “criminal activities” of President Joe Biden and his family.

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Donald Trump says, “We love people.”

The scary riots surrounding Trump’s recall in Miami had never happened before. The security authorities took precautions, and according to media reports, fewer supporters came than expected. On Tuesday, Judge Jonathan Goodman instructed prosecutors to draw up a list of potential witnesses with whom Trump may not speak directly about his case.

Trump aide Walt Nauta should also be on this list. He is also accused in the case and is present in the courtroom, Naota sitting two places next to Trump in the dock. In light of the investigation, the former president is said to have ordered him to remove boxes of documents – the prosecution sees this as a plot to obstruct justice.

Trump also took advantage of his air visit to his adopted home in Florida to secure the support of his base there. After the court date, his column moved to Versailles, perhaps Miami’s most famous Cuban restaurant. There, his fans pray with him and thank him that “God gave us President Trump.” The former head of state thanks you. “We love the people. Look at the people here — look at these crowds,” says the accused twice now at parting.


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