No one used the word revenge. Borussia Dortmund try to make amends after 0: 4 in Amsterdam two weeks ago. Wednesday (9pm, recently won the second battle with the highly acclaimed Dutch) DAZN) Will lead the Champions League to the 16th round. Starting position: After winning the first two group matches against Besiktas Istanbul (2: 1) and Sporting Lisbon (1: 0), BVB (6 points) was already close to the 16th round. But a 0: 4 knockout in Amsterdam again put them in danger. If they lose again, Lisbon could equalize with a win over Istanbul in a draw. In this case, the final for Revierklub second place will take place on November 24 in the Portuguese capital.


RB Leipzig urgently needs a win at the same time. Second from Saxony with no points in the Premier League, Paris Saint-Germain, who are top of Group A, want to make their first defeat. “We are ready for tomorrow for our best performance. Our tournament schedule will not be very different, but some things can be implemented better,” head coach Jesse Marsh sniffed a surprise in the first leg. But two goals from Lionel Messi turned RB’s lead into a 2-3 defeat. The Argentine superstar is now missing. On Wednesday evening, Liverpool look to advance to the 16th round with a win over Atletico Madrid. Manchester City play against Brook, the sheriff meets Trospole Inter Milan.

The Dortmund are in good spirits as the damage from the aftermath of the devastation in Amsterdam two weeks ago is minimal. “The results of previous games will have no effect on the future,” said defense chief Mates Hummels. Coach Rose sees it this way and noted his team’s positive reaction to the Bundesliga against Peelfeld (3: 1) and Cologne (2: 0), as well as the trophy against Ingolstadt (2: 0): “We already care, irritate and worry about that. I do not see any uncertainty in the team. It is stable. There should be enough confidence again by Wednesday. “

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