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Virginia: Republican Yongkin victory – Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden

Virginia: Republican Yongkin victory – Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden
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Setback for Joe Biden, joy for Donald Trump: Republican Glenn Yongkin wins Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

  • The election for governor of the US state of Virginia took place on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.
  • Democratic opinion polls about Joe Biden due to the stagnation of the investment program.
  • Donald Trump’s Republicans hope the governor’s election will serve as a signal for the rest of the United States

+++ 3:37 pm: After Republican candidate Glenn Yongkin won the Virginia gubernatorial election, former US President Donald Trump spoke. He claimed in a statement that his supporters were responsible for Yongkin’s victory. Without them, victory would hardly have been possible. “Maga’s movement is bigger and stronger than before,” the statement said. MAGA is an acronym for Make America Great Again – Trump made the slogan the main campaign slogan for the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump made another statement about the position of Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. In the run-up to the election, he spoke forcefully against the controversial former president. “It appears that Terry McAuliffe’s campaign against a certain person named ‘Trump’ helped Glenn Yongkin a lot,” Trump said.

Republican success in Virginia: Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden

He also attacked the press in the United States. All McAuliffe did was Trump and Trump and Trump and he lost! What does that tell you, fake news? “I think people running for Democratic office aren’t going to do that for long,” the 75-year-old said, referring to Joe Biden, the Democratic incumbent in the White House.

Republican Glenn Youngkin celebrates his election victory in Virginia – Donald Trump is delighted.

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“When Biden wakes up tomorrow afternoon, someone should tell him that he is now officially presiding over the collapse of the Democratic Party,” the former president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, wrote on Twitter’s SMS service. Donald Trump environment. Joe Biden has repeatedly attacked for his age. For example, they call it “Sleepy Joe”. Trump himself is only three years younger.

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Virginia: Trump candidate Glenn Yongkin wins – Joe Biden fails at the wrong time

+++ 9.00 am: Republican Glenn Youngkin has won the election for governor of the US state of Virginia, according to US television stations. Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe by 2.7 percentage points. “We won the thing,” Yongkin said in a speech on election night. He described his victory as a “decisive moment” for Virginia. The state will take a new path under his leadership. “And we’ll start that change on day one.” Over the past eight years, Democrats have introduced Virginia’s governor.

McAuliffe’s defeat in the formerly Democratic state of Virginia was a serious setback for Joe Biden and an ominous omen for the midterm elections to the US Congress in November 2022. In the election campaign, they counted on prominent support. Biden performed with McAuillfe, and former President Barack Obama was also present. However, a year after Biden won the 2020 US election, many people in the US are disappointed with the president, whose reform agenda is barely moving forward in the face of opposition in Congress.

Democrats have similar concerns about the congressional elections, known as the midterm elections. Opposing Republicans could then regain majorities in the House and Senate and thus decisively weaken Biden.

Virginia elections: Republican Glenn Youngkin leads it

Update from Wednesday 4 November 2021 at 6.00 am: Republican Glenn Youngkin was expected to win the US Virginia governor’s election, which is an important sentiment test. The Republican was just ahead of US President Joe Biden’s candidate Terry McAuliffe in the vote, according to forecasts from CNN and NBC. The election in Virginia a year before the congressional elections is being closely watched in the country — for Biden Democrats, the result has been a severe setback.

Glenn Yongkin celebrates his electoral victory in an electoral party.

© Andrew Harnick / D

Yongkin was supported by Donald Trump on the campaign trail – even if Yongkin publicly distanced himself from him and focused on moderate voters. According to the forecast, Yongkin was ahead by about three percentage points. At the start of election evening, the gap between the two candidates seemed much larger—but then McAuliffe broke out.

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The election is seen as a kind of real test for Biden, who was elected to the White House a year ago. His approval rates are worse than at any time since he took office. He’s always been trying to get two investment packages through Congress. Biden has failed so far due to flank battles in his Democratic Party. According to observers, the election defeat in Virginia is its receipt.

Virginia gubernatorial elections: A fateful day for Joe Biden

First report from Wednesday 3 November 2021: Washington, DC – There is still a year left before the US congressional elections begin; The test of mood could be the Virginia governor’s election on Tuesday. Polls predict a head-to-head race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Yongkin. US President Joe Biden has called for McAuliffe to be elected, while his predecessor, Donald Trump, supports Glenn Yongkin. Republicans surrounding Donald Trump want to regain majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives in the upcoming congressional elections. Democrats led by Joe Biden currently have a slim majority in both houses.

In the US presidential election last year, Biden won Virginia by ten points over Trump. According to surveys, McAuliffe was still way ahead of Youngkin in the summer, Youngkin had recently turned back and was a bit ahead.

Donald Trump again warns of election fraud: ‘Everything is at stake in this election’

The 64-year-old McAuliffe was governor from 2014 to 2018, Yongkin (54) is a successful businessman. Virginia governors are not allowed to run for two consecutive terms. Like McAuliffe, they can compete a second time later. The position is currently held by Democrat Ralph Northam.

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In Arlington last week, Biden promoted McAuliffe and called his rival Yongkin a “Donald Trump supporter.” Former President Barack Obama, in a campaign appearance, warned his party comrades of “the return of chaos that has done so much damage.”

Donald Trump Promotes a Candidate in Virginia

On the other hand, Trump declared on Monday (November 1, 2021) that Yongkin was a “great man” and had his “full and unreserved support”. He called on his supporters to “flood” polling stations to compensate for the alleged fraud. “Everything is at stake in this election.” To this day, Donald Trump claims that he was fraudulently denied his electoral victory. There is no evidence for that.

During the campaign, Democrat McAuliffe attempted to link Yongkin to Trump and the prospect of the former president’s nomination to be renewed for the 2024 election. McAuliffe wrote on Twitter Monday that the election would have consequences beyond Virginia. “This is our chance to send a message to the nation: Here in Virginia we will never go back.” McAuliffe called for his election to send a signal to the country and the world.

US Elections: Internal Democratic Struggles Over Infrastructure Strengthen Republicans

The past few weeks have seen polls drop in favor of Democrat McAuliffe, and that’s also because of federal policy in Washington. Biden has long tried — unsuccessfully — to get two investment packages through Congress that would also benefit Virginia voters. However, he has failed so far due to flank battles in his Democratic Party.

The results of the state governor’s election are expected on Wednesday (Central Europe). Virginia polling stations are open from 6:00 a.m. (local time/11:00 a.m. CET) to 7:00 p.m. (local time/midnight CET). The state is located on the border of the US capital, Washington. (Lucas Ziggo/dpa)

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