Tony (left) and Felix Cruz are an unequal sibling pair, but only from a sports perspective.

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Tony Cruise recently retired from the national team and now his brother Felix has ended his career. When he announced, he immediately stabbed Uli Honey.

For a long time Tony and Felix Cruz were slightly different pair brothers in European football. On the one hand, the Real Madrid world champion who won almost everything, on the other hand, the average Bundesliga player. As for the Brothers athletes, they are very similar in open nature and humor. In the latest episode of their joint podcast “Einfach Mall Lupine”, Felix announced an important step.

Felix Cruz: Real Madrid star Tony Cruise’s brother suspended – he immediately distributes against Uli Honis

The 30-year-old, who recently signed with Eintrach Brunswick, announced the end of his life on a podcast on Tuesday. “I have decided to end my active football career. Because I have no place in modern football. No, wait a minute – it’s someone else, ”he teased. Tony laughed despite the seriousness of his brother’s announcement.

In mid-July, Bayern honorary president Uli Honek dealt with similar words with former FC Bayern professional Tony Cruz. The 69-year-old Sport 1 has been imprinted on the minds of the public with his controversial statements that the Real Madrid professional “does not fit into today’s football with his cross-pass style”. Cruz also faced verbal attacks against him, apparently he can now laugh about the matter with his brother.

“Aside from the joke. I made this decision with full confidence,” said Werder Bremen, a former Bundesliga player and Union Berlin player. ”

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Felix Cruz: Tony acts with touching words – “You always stood in my shadow”

Tony responded with emotional words to his one-year-old brother’s decisive decision. “I do not want to forget to greet you and take off my hat”. Former national player Felix was particularly interested in life – “measured against the fact that you were always in my shadow for the people,” he said. The superstar says that “comparing forever” is not easy. “Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.”

There’s another thing Tony has to do in the spontaneous podcast episode. “That means you don’t make me jealous,” he owes Felix more. “You can always feel the firm support from your side and you were absolutely delighted with every victory.”

154 times second division player Felix is ​​now starting “real life” as announced in his Instagram message. However, he will not back down in football. “For me I’m sure I’ll stay in football and I’m very excited to see what role it will play.” (Azr)


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