This is a very bad verdict on the second try. In 69 places in his doctoral dissertation, Francisco Kifi clearly violates good scientific practice, plagiarism “shapes” his work quantitatively and qualitatively: this is the finding of a new university’s new evaluation panel.

It doesn’t want anything in terms of clarity. Kifi’s complaint was finally dropped, and her doctorate was definitely gone – everything else was incomprehensible.

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The process at FU took two and a half years, and only those who failed it knew. The university itself, back and forth, embarrasses itself. The gravity of the allegations was clear from the beginning, and now its magnitude is clear in the new report as well. At the first attempt it was very confusing to conclude that the FU was too light, at the time the examiners did not notice the passages worthy of criticism. How this happens is yet to be done.

Disclosing the Free University Report is a belated step – but it is correct

The whole time there was a blatant lack of transparency from the FU: the university did not properly explain any of its activities. The fact that the university is now releasing the test report for the first time is a belated step in the right direction – but it is doubtful that it will be enough to repair the damage done.

The first candidate of the Berlin Social Democratic Party also lost. It has been confirmed that Francisco Kifi cheated. Kifi to all the people who build political capital primarily through “law and order”. Kifi tries to distract. She has He instinctively acknowledges the FU’s weakness and wants to portray himself as a university victimTheir control mechanisms are out of control.

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Kifi tries to portray himself as a victim

Kifi as the victim? That is – with all the faults of the FU and with all the questions the doctor’s mother has to ask – a relatively shameful deviation from the facts. A doctoral student is still responsible for scientific truth. Doctoral students vow to make sure they are acting honestly. Kifi refused to use his doctorate and tried to avoid embarrassment. A popular trick that Andreas Skier also used successfully. But a doctorate degree is not simply a gem, it is not so easy to get rid of. What do so many honest students and researchers really think about this?

Berlin’s SPD was successful in science policy – Kifi points to these successes

Paradoxically, science, after all, was one of the few political fields in which the Social Democrats in Berlin were really successful during the current legislative period. Kifi shot this approach to pieces with his approach. It’s hard to imagine that he could be a senator for science like Michael Mல்லller.

None of this has to be decisive for the election, and it is possible that many Berliners will ignore it. Nevertheless: Kifi wants to rule a research metropolis with Berlin, an economically dependent city for scientific success. How she wants to do this in a reliable way is currently her secret.


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