Pep Cardiola against Thomas Touche. Manchester City vs. Chelsea. The Champions League final between the two clubs from England takes place on Saturday. T-Online fighting tells you where to look.

Thomas Duchess is still waiting for his first title in the Champions League. But that could be until Saturday evening when he will face Chelsea in the Premier League final against Manchester City and Pep Cardiola. This is a fight between two training giants. Pep Cardiola is very appreciative of the German coach, who has repeatedly said this in public.

Spinard Cardiola has already joined FC. Although he has twice won the “handle pot” with Barcelona, ​​he is still empty-handed with “Skyplus”. It was Manchester City’s first Champions League victory. The city’s German national player Ilke Gundogan lost his only CL final to Borussia Dortmund in 2013 against FC Bayer.

In addition to Gundogan and Thomas Tuchel, three other Germans are also interested in the title: Timo Werner, Guy Howard and Antonio Rodger are all part of FC Chelsea. T-Online says you can follow the game directly.

Where can I watch the match between Manchester City and Chelsea FC live on TV?

The Sky game will be broadcast live on Sky Sport 1, kicking off at 9 p.m. Wolf-Christophe Fuss comments on the game. Preliminary reports begin at 7.30pm. Sebastian Helman is the referee, and Lothar Mathias, Eric Meijer and Dietmar Haman are the experts.

Where can I watch the live stream of the match between Manchester City and Chelsea FC?

DAZN also broadcasts the game. The streaming provider starts its broadcast at 8:30 p.m. Alex Schlter is the appraiser. Shortly before the game begins, John Flat joins Sandro Wagner as a commentator.

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Can I follow the “citizens” against Chelsea in a live ticker?

Yes, T-Online offers a live ticker for every match in the 2020/2021 Champions League season. You can find the live ticker for the fight Here.


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