Chris Murray of Seattle Health Measurements and Calculations told Reuters a few days ago that “I can not sleep from watching progress and infections”, which works with the University of Washington to monitor the progress of the infection.

According to Murray, like many experts, he believed that completing a wide variety of available and effective vaccines, along with the acquired immunity of those already infected, would reduce the infection and eventually prevent it.

We know it could happen. That is possible. At this time, we still do not know how this happened affected the ability of the virus to avoid the effects of the vaccine.

However, the Daily Mail reported that the South African mutant was disturbed because Murray could pass on immunity acquired by vaccination and infection. Now, moreover, the hybrid mentioned above has also appeared, which can do it, in addition it may be more infectious and more resistant.

The variant connecting the properties of the mutation from Kent and California has not yet been named. This is confirmed by culture (genetic sequence) in only one case. However, there are concerns that there are more cases, and due to a higher virus in Europe, such as the British mutation, it may begin to displace the original variant.

Restoration event

The hybrid form of the corona virus is caused by what is known as the recurrence phenomenon of the p.1.1.7 variant first detected in the California variant of Kent and p.1.429 in the UK, the expert server reported. Restoration occurs when two types of viruses infect the same cell and exchange genetic information during subsequent copying. This creates new viruses that contain RNA fragments of parent variants. A common mutation arises from errors in the response of a variant of the virus.

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“This phenomenon will allow the virus to combine more infection and greater resistance,” said Pete Gorber, a scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where the new scientist said the hybrid was captured on Feb. 2.

We know it could happen

Scientists knew that reconstruction was possible, but many circumstances agreed that it was not possible. They can only occur during the large and protracted epidemics that the United States and the world are now facing for the first time since the Spanish flu epidemic in the last century.

At the same time, a person must be infected with two or more strains of the virus. This is possible, for example, if he has an asymptomatic form of the disease or is already suffering from it and does not show any symptoms of goiter.

“It came to our attention that there is a possibility. At this time, we do not know how this affected the ability of the virus to avoid the effects of the vaccine,” John McCauley of the World Health Organization told the Daily Mail.

Restoration is particularly dangerous, as it can abruptly alter vital properties of the virus. “It’s very dangerous because it can change the whole protein components of the virus and make the vaccine ineffective,” Emilia Schirmond, an evolutionary virologist at Oxford University, told the Daily Mail.


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