At the end of the 4th match day, foreigner Udinese Calcio went into a motivated fight with SSC Napoli. However, the Venetians had to quickly realize that the guest from the south was too strong – after all, the attack was inviting strong artists. In the end it was a 4-0 win for Napoli – and all the goals are really worth seeing.

Victory number four thanks to four big goals: Victor Osimhen & amp;  Co. Udin has been surprisingly successful.

Victory number four thanks to four big goals: Victor Osimhen & Co. Succeeded in Udine.
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The fact that Udinese could not underestimate Calcio on the first match day of the season was already recorded: here the Venetians battled with record champions Juventus 2-0, took the pace 2-2 and then added two wins (3-0 against Venice, at Spacia Calcio 1-0) and did not fail with those seven points compared to the best team Napoli.

There, at the end of Day 4, Udin’s team started bravely with the confidence they had developed, but a few minutes later the team had to realize that there was no herb against the Neapolitans this Monday.

Osimhen, Rahmani, Coolipalli, Lozano

This was to be determined by a separate upper class of guests from Campania, who eventually found their highest points in all four goals in the 4-0 victory. Goal goals: First, Mario Rui served right in the 24th minute for the inning, and the ball bounced right over keeper Sylvester from a distance – and Ozimhen finally spun the ball, which probably flies into the net, the line that should be on the safe side above the tip (24.). This was followed by a cheeky free-kick variation in which Uddin’s defense went completely down the wrong path – and Rahmani eventually took the lead (35th).

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Shortly after the restart, defense chief Golipali was unable to attack into the mesh after the well-considered Fabian-Ruiz template (52nd). In the meantime, other neopolitans were even more likely to show a higher result on the scoreboard.

A note on the series

On top of that the interesting thing: with these four goalscorers, Napoli, who has been training with Luciano Spalletti since this summer, has once again shown that he is versatile in terms of ultimate strength. Since the current ten goals of the season have managed nine (!) Different shooters – only the central defender Golipoli has two goals.

Goals and cards

0: 1Osimhen (24 ‘)

0: 2Rahman (35 ‘)

0: 3Mercenary (52 ‘)

0: 4Lozano (84 ‘)

Udinese Calcio


SSC Naples



Gianluca Manganello

Gianluca Manganello

Game Info


Tasia -Arena – Friuli Stadium

And most importantly: with a 4-0 win over Udine, the South Italians reached their fourth victory in their fourth league game – the same as before clubs Inter Milan and AC Milan to capture Serie A first place (10 each), AS Roma and Florence (9 each). Neapolitanism last stood alone in February 2018.

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