Russian President Vladimir Putins fifth term election viewed as preordained by White House

The White House has strongly criticized Russia’s recent presidential election, denouncing it as preordained and not free or fair. National security adviser Jake Sullivan slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin for locking up political opponents and the tragic deaths that have occurred as a result.

Sullivan stated that the US is prepared for another six years of strained relations with Russia under Putin’s leadership, as the Central Election Commission declared him the winner with a staggering 87.29% of the vote and nearly 76 million voters supporting him.

Critics have viewed the election results as preordained due to the lack of credible opposition and the ongoing crackdown on free speech in Russia. Despite this, Putin hailed the results as a sign of Russia’s trust and hope in him, while critics labeled it as undemocratic.

President Joe Biden has vowed to make Putin a pariah following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s political foe Alexei Navalny died in prison last month, while others are either in jail or in exile.

The situation has raised concerns about the future of democracy in Russia, with many questioning the legitimacy of the election results. As tensions between the US and Russia continue to escalate, it remains to be seen how the relationship between the two countries will unfold in the coming years.

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