Wuppertal: Rolls-Royce floating on the hook in the

Wuppertal – If a luxury car passes over the Wupper…

Students at the nearby school and passersby nodded their heads on Friday morning and were amazed. The scene of Wuppertal’s second world after the little elephant Tuffi, who fell meters deep from the Wupper funicular in 1950 (and survived)? not exactly. The new Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge (12 engine, 600 hp, about 360,000 euros) was shown to about 100 invited guests in the city that evening as a premiere in Europe.

teaser picture

The luxury car was lifted by about 70 meters by the crane

Photo: Tim Olbermann

The famous manufacturer chose the old gas boiler Wupper as the site – today the place and the “Visiodrom”, where performances are displayed on the walls.

Getting the three-ton car was a lot of work. Christian Hoehr from Visiodrom: “We bent a section of the steel roof five millimeters thick and then attached it to the winch for safety.”

teaser picture

Rolls-Royce is passed through the cut-off roof …

Photo: Tim Olbermann

Then the luxurious body was attached, raised 70 meters and carefully maneuvered through the triangular opening.

teaser picture

…and got off the stage

Photo: Tim Olbermann

On Sunday morning, the luxury car was poached again and the roof was closed.

The cost of the work is as protected as the British Crown Jewels. Little is known about this: this year, Rolls-Royce set a sales record.

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