Home Top News Defeat against Holstein hinge too: Dynamo Dresden’s black series is not over

Defeat against Holstein hinge too: Dynamo Dresden’s black series is not over

Defeat against Holstein hinge too: Dynamo Dresden’s black series is not over

Kiel / Dresden. The crisis at Dynamo Dresden did not want to end: Black and Yellow missed a confident release on Friday evening and lost 1: 2 (1: 0) despite being ahead in front of 8919 spectators at the Holstein hinge. This is the sixth consecutive defeat in a row for second division climbers, and the wind is thinning for celebrities, but coach Alexander Schmidt, who has failed for several weeks. The 53-year-old is more worried about his job than ever after his bankruptcy at Fjord.


Sports Managing Director Ralph Becker dismissed Sky’s expressions of loyalty to a coach he hired just six months ago. Leonberger only said: “We are all disappointed now. We lost 2-1. I saw a team that tried everything. In the end it was not enough. Now we’re going to digest it.” ”.

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Dynamo Dresden slipped further into the table after losing 1: 2 to Holstein Keel in the crucial game.


As expected, the home team got off to a great start. The dynamo retreated once, but after a quarter of an hour it freed itself more and more. Morris Schrட்டர்tter tried it in the 23rd minute when he received a pass from Christoph Dufferner, who was unable to defend the ball in the penalty area. But the ball came to Will, who forced Keele’s goalkeeper Thomas Dahne to take a shot in the corner.

Now the dynamo was in the trigger – and Haynes Morchel scored the third goal of the season. When Kiel’s Simon Lorenz could not clarify Königsdörffer’s (32nd) request, the former Uerdinger was struck by dust. Kiel, who recently had a shot opportunity by Louis Holtby (31st / Holt), then drew level. Newman’s shot went over it (43.), then the ball bounced into the hands of Michael Solbauer, and referee Florian Heft gave the questionable penalty. But Muhling missed. Prol guessed the corner and caught the ball with his left hand from the bottom corner (45th).

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During the break both coaches changed once: Idonis for Schmidt Cade and Rob Fabian Reese for Steven Skrisbiski. Reese had a good chance after a corner kick, shot over the corner (47th). Benedict Fischer’s header was not bad either, past Dynamo’s left post (49th). Prol got twice as lucky. Keel was also lucky when Schrotter’s shot hit the crossbar (58th).

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(1) Kevin Browl: The former crossbatcher showed a good game and snatched the controversial penalty shot by Alexander Muhling shortly before the break. That was the inspiration for the second half. His recovery action against Lewis Holdby was strong in the 59th minute, but he was charged on a second penalty. He did not have a chance for the second goal. Grade 2


Now it went back and forth because Holdby first checked the pro (59th) and then substitute Luca Herman Keele’s keeper Dahne (60th) got a deflected shot. The game broke down when substitute Idonis accidentally hit Newman in the stomach on his back and Heft gave him another penalty: this time Fischer called a pro, and Keel equalized 1-1 (64th). Two minutes later, Reese (66th) scored to give the hosts a 2-1 lead. It couldn’t have gotten worse for Dynamo.

The Saxons tried to equalize, but they gritted their teeth against the hinge defense. Heinz Mörschel was on the verge of despair: “This is a bad situation. We did not take a point.” This could lead to Schmidt losing his job.


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