28.06.2021 – 14:43

Police headquarters in South Hess

Dormstad (ots)

A plume of smoke from a burning car in the underground car park of Louiscentre in Wilhelminnestras on Monday (June 28) called firefighters and police. The city tunnel was closed and the Luisensend was temporarily evacuated for the duration of the necessary shutdown operations. According to initial findings, a white Renault Megan caught fire in the parking deck, although a technical glitch cannot be ruled out as a possible factor. Police station 10 has been handed over to further clarify these circumstances. According to current investigations, the neighboring vehicles were not affected and fortunately no one was injured. The damaged car was towed away and the entrances to the underground car park and shopping building were reopened to the public at 1.30pm.

Please contact:

Police headquarters in South Hess
Press Office
Clapchacher Strauss 145
64285 Dormstad
Kathy Rosenberger
Phone: 06151 / 969-2416
Fax: 06151 / 969-2405
Email: [email protected]

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