Home Top News Jungle Camp 2022: Peter Altoff – size, bodyguard career, portrait

Jungle Camp 2022: Peter Altoff – size, bodyguard career, portrait

Jungle Camp 2022: Peter Altoff – size, bodyguard career, portrait

The “Jungle Camp” season begins on January 15, 2022 on RTL. The oldest candidate this time is Peter Altof, the bodyguard. All the information about him can be seen in the portrait here.

It will be open from Friday, January 21, 2022 RTL Again: “I’m a star, get me out of here!”. The “Forest camp“With Season 15 in 2022 there is already a new round to start.

This time, for the first time, candidates will have to fight for the crown in the jungles of South Africa, unlike in the jungles of Australia. But the unusual choices remain the same, in which the selectors sometimes have to go to their limits.

it is good RTL All candidates for Season 15 have been officially confirmed. There are a total of six female and six male candidates in the jungles of South Africa. The eldest of them was the bodyguard, the legendary Peter Altof. Here you can find all the important information about his person in a portrait.

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“Jungle Camp” 2022: Portrait of Peter Altop – Age, Residence, Occupation

Um TV Peter Altoff is not often seen. Nevertheless, he played a key role in his career in the world of national and international celebrity: Peter Altoff was able to make a name for himself globally as a bodyguard. At 66, he wants to catch up and say, “I’m a star, get me out of here.” RTL Prove once again.

Sports enthusiasts should only know Peter Altoff as a bodyguard. German champion in Nuremberg kickboxing in 1986. In doing so, he learned the skills that elevated him to the highest level in his work as a bodyguard.

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Here is a brief profile of Peter Altoff, a 2022 participant in “Jungle Camp”:

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  • Name: Peter Altoff
  • Change: 66 years
  • Birthday: 17. August 1955
  • birth place: Nூர்rnberg
  • Star sign: The lion
  • Work: Bodyguard and Kickboxer
  • Last TV show: In “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” (2014) VOX

Michael Jackson & Co .: As a bodyguard, Peter Altoff defended these world stars

Peter Altof was able to convince nationally and internationally during his career as a bodyguard. He has already defended world stars like Michael Jackson, Claudia Schiffer, Mohammed Ali and Michael Schumacher. He is always concerned about the welfare of celebrities and their privacy.

In an interview RTL Peter Altoff described himself as a “funny guy” and at the same time a “justice fanatic”. He wants to prove his worth as a bodyguard in a “wild camp” in South Africa and act as a camp overseer.

Peter Altoff believes he has a good chance of winning the Jungle Crown of Season 15. In conversation with RTL He says: “No one is right. No one is the same. I’m not right either. I’m a security guard, always trying to make sure everything is going right.”

Peter Aldoff: These are his pre-camera experiences

Although Peter Aldoff has worked mostly as a bodyguard behind the camera in the past, the 66-year-old has been in front of the camera on a couple of television and film productions.

In 2014, he cooked for his famous colleagues on the TV show “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”. VOX. Born in Nuremberg, he was able to gain more camera experience in the “Macho Man” film series. Peter Althoff can be seen as the protagonist in “Macho Man 1” (1985), “Macho Man 2” (2017) and “Macho Man 3” (2021).

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