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Why is there now a fight over burst mode

Why is there now a fight over burst mode

Unusually harmonious tones in the heavily used Battlefield 2042: one of the latest playlists of the official portal has found fertile ground for gamers. In the Classic mode rush, which has been reduced to 32 players and played on the new 2042 maps, has grown a lot of favour for the hit game.

And the best news in advance: Rush stays on for a week longer! Instead of one week, the event lasts about two weeks, like the developer of Ripple Effect Twitter to explain.

That’s not enough for many fans: they’re very demanding to make Rush playable in the long run. The good arguments for this are clear. We draw a mood picture.

Do you want to know what happens in Battlefield 2042? Update 3.1 will be released tomorrow – we have already summarized the changes:

All about the new update 3.1


Battlefield 2042

All about the new update 3.1

Fans are asking to stay

Battlefield Portal continues to impress fans of the series the most: veterans of the old parts are delighted with modern nostalgia and fond memories of Battlefield 1942 and Bad Company 2 and Co. Rush gets the lion’s share of popularity.

in a Official forums And in the huge redditThe community has received so many calls that DICE should permanently keep the 2042 Hot Playlist in the portal. Players have been heavily criticized for their flawed appearance in Battlefield 2042 and have been wildly excited in unison, a rarity since release.

What are the problems you ask yourself? If you’ve been on a moon mission in the past few weeks, our video will remind you of the catastrophic release. Meanwhile it was Battlefield 2042 through major updates Significantly improved, but much more needs to be done.

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Battlefield 2042 - Edition Finale: It's Not Over and Over!


Battlefield 2042 – Edition Finale: It’s Not Over and Over!

What sets Rush apart in 2042?

The mode works just like in classic Battlefield 3 and 4: two teams compete against each other on 2042 maps, one defending and the other attacking. Defenders must defend two MCOM targets per sector, and attackers must plant bombs there. After a successful installation, a time limit is triggered and defenders can still defuse the IED. If that doesn’t work in time, MCOM will be blown up. If both targets fall, the attackers advance to the next sector.

In Battlefield 2042, Rush is played in the related Breakthrough mode with only 32 players instead of the normal 128 players. So the team size is very compact and there is significantly less clutter on maps that have been scaled down specifically for this format. This also ensures better performance.

Time will tell whether DICE and Ripple Effect will answer your wishes and actually bring a permanent playlist or, in the future, even their own burst mode to the main game.

YouTubers are excited too

The big names among shooters are also excited about Rush in Battlefield 2042. For example, JackFrags has dedicated his own mode to this mode. Stream He obviously had a lot of fun. YouTuber Embers chose clear words to give their opinion of Rush in Battlefield 2042:

[Rush ist] More fun than anything you’ve played in Battlefield 2042.

link to YouTube content

His video makes several arguments: above all, the reduced number of players and reduced vehicles entertain Close Quarters Combat in his opinion.

What do you think of Rush in Battlefield 2042? Does it have to be continuous mode? Do you want smaller fights or do you have a completely different opinion? Write to us in the comments!


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