Adele makes history: she adorns the cover of British and American “Vogue” at the same time. First, she elaborates on the visual change.

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The British singer has returned to power. Her new single “Easy on Me” will be released on October 15 and she is in love again and there His first interview in five years with “Vogue” in the November issue. In it, Adele also talks about her weight loss. She explains how much weight she lost in what period and how it came about.

“I feel better when I exercise”

In the interview, he stressed that most of them must have been very surprised as they lost 45 kilograms behind closed doors within two years. She doesn’t want to lose weight preferably, Adele said. “It was because of my fear. When I train, I feel better,” the 33-year-old explains. Her fears were especially heightened when she separated from her ex-husband Simon Konecki in 2017.

He added, “Gaining strength every day without my phone and giving me as much time as possible. I’m addicted to it.” According to his own reports, the musician now trains two or three times a day. In the morning she lifts weights, in the afternoon there is a boxing or hiking show, and then there is endurance training. She was “almost unemployed” when she started, and she always had a coach by her side. But Adele says she is a little ashamed and knows she has no chance of following such a daily routine.

“I eat more than ever”

She continues to explain, “I had to depend on something to organize my thoughts.” According to Adele, it may have boiled down to knitting or the like, but it was just training. People were shocked that she did not share on Instagram how to lose weight. He also claims to have contracted with the Diet brand. “I don’t care about it. I did it for myself, not for anyone else. So why should I ever share it? I just don’t find it attractive. It’s my body.”

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However, in the interview, Adele was also asked about reports that she had lost weight through what she called the “Shortfood Diet” – so she wanted to. She denies the rumors: “I did not do it. There is no relentless fasting. Nothing. I eat more than before because I train so hard.”


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