Home Top News 2007 Honda Civic Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

2007 Honda Civic Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

2007 Honda Civic Battery Battery Size and Price Guide
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Pick up a highly rated 2007 Honda Civic battery or battery charger today to maintain your vehicle’s electrical system. Learn more about the signs of a worn-out battery and where to turn for a reliable replacement component for your Civic.

Honda Civic Battery Price Guide

Honda Civic batteries are routine replacement items. They come in a range of sizes, cold cranking amps and types, so be sure to choose the right group size and compare the best brands. Typically, you can purchase a reliable battery for $80 to $250. This range reflects the differences in cold cranking amps and warranties. It’s also affected by the type of battery, such as lithium-ion, absorbed glass mat or standard flooded.

Best Car Battery Charger on a Budget

You don’t need to break the bank to pick up a charger that keeps your Honda going. Here are the basic items you can choose to recharge your car battery:

  • Jumper cables
  • Trickle charger
  • Lithium-ion charger
  • Wall-plug charger

Find out how to use Duralast jump starter for the most budget-friendly option. Unfortunately, this option also requires a second vehicle. Consider a charger that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery or connects to a standard wall outlet for charging in situations where you can’t use jumper cables.

Best Car Battery Brands

Leading Honda Civic battery brands offer long-lasting performance at affordable rates. Consider whether you want an absorbed glass mat or standard flooded design as you compare these leading brands:

  • Duralast
  • ACDelco Advantage
  • Econocraft
  • Odyssey
  • Valucraft
  • Optima

Some brands focus on budget-friendly designs, but don’t necessarily offer the longest warranty rating. Other brands offer state-of-the-art battery designs with three-year warranties and low self-discharge rates.

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Don’t attempt to purchase a battery larger than your existing one. Your Honda Civic can only accommodate a specific battery size and is designed for specific terminal positions. Attempting to install an incorrect battery may prove unsuccessful or create an unsafe situation.

How To Know if Your Battery Needs To Be Replaced

Even the most highly rated battery needs to be replaced periodically. Failure to replace your battery in time can result in your starter not working. Modern batteries don’t always fade as they lose their charge and reach the end of their lifetime, so you may not see many obvious warning signs.

The easiest way to replace your battery in time is to order a new one after three years of use. Even name-brand automotive batteries can experience performance issues after three years.

Battery testers are helpful tools that allow you to better monitor your particular battery’s expected lifetime. Since some batteries can perform well for five or more years, consider using a tester to verify its performance. Connect this automotive component to your own tester or stop by an auto parts store for free in-store battery testing.

Affordable Batteries Available Online

Brands, sizes, types and other features can make shopping for batteries feel overwhelming. Shop online to avoid the stress of shopping on your own for automotive components. Compare batteries, chargers and other gear before purchasing a highly rated option at competitive prices.


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