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At the end of World War II, Berger served as a warden at a branch concentration camp in Mepen, Lower Saxony, where mostly Jewish, Polish, Russian, and Dutch civilians were imprisoned. In addition, prisoners were forced to work in extreme conditions until exhaustion and death. However, overseeing them is not Berger’s only violation of this period.

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In March 1945, as British and Canadian allied forces approached, the Nazis withdrew from Mappen Camp and evacuated prisoners to the main Newcomb facility. The approximate, nearly two-week relocation, which left nearly 70 weeks dead, was taken from the position of supervisor today, including the 95-year-old pensioner.

Berger began a new chapter in his life after moving to the United States in 1959. But historians have found records of his Nazi past on the sunken ship. Sixty years later, based on the evidence submitted to the court, he asked for a clear verdict – deportation to Germany. The fact that he was never asked to transfer from a concentration camp also played against him.

(Clear rules for individuals involved in the atrocities of the Nazi Third Reich living in the United States were established in 1978 by Elizabeth Holdsman in the Holdsman Amendment.)

“Berger’s deportation demonstrates the commitment of the Department of Justice and related law enforcement agencies to ensure that the United States is not a safe haven for those involved in Nazi crimes against human rights and human rights,” he said in a statement issued in connection with the February 2020 two-day trial. U.S. Attorney General Monty Wilkinson.

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However, Berger did not understand the court’s ruling. “It came to our attention. I could not believe it,” a widow with two granddaughters commented in an interview with The Washington Post. “I do not understand how something like this can happen in a country like this. You are making me leave my house,” he added. Although he admitted to working in the concentration camp, he said he conducted it on the basis of an order. Also, he is said to have spent some time in Mepen and had no weapon. He feels he is building the bulk of the investigation on the basis of a lie.

On Saturday, January 20, the plane landed with Berger in Frankfurt, Germany, where the former Nazi warden was not expected to be further interrogated due to lack of evidence. Slightly paradoxically, Berger continues to receive a German pension from his previous state job, which also includes service during the war.

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