Who is Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister of Health?

When the new government was announced, Olivier Veran, former Minister of Health. Make way for a new minister. that it Brigitte Bourguignon63 ans Former Minister Plenipotentiary for Self-Government.

So she got a nice promotion for it He held the second position in the Ministry of Health. Great challenges await him once he takes office, which will take place tomorrow morning, May 21. Hospital shortness of breath, caregivers exhausted by the health crisis, family shutdowns due to staff shortages… The working conditions of doctors are considered so stressful that the profession has lost its meaning.

Next summer already promises high stakes. Some emergency departments can no longer accommodate all patients Shortage of nursing staff. TRUE Therefore, an electric shock is expected from the new minister On the salaries and staff of doctors.

This is Brigitte Bourguignon Also waiting for a case medical deserts And on the freedom to establish doctors. In the face of scandal Abuse in nursing homesthe minister will also have to Fulfilling Emmanuel Macron’s promise to create 50,000 new nursing and nursing jobsdespite the loss of candidates.

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