In Wiesbaden, eleven teams are relegated from the second division

Regulations for the ups and downs of the final race of the championship rounds with special features

Wiesbaden. The ultimate sprint in the leagues in Wiesbaden with special promotion and relegation rules for this round. Overview.

Domestic League: Only the master goes up, three goes up, and the fourth of the last must go down against the second in the league.

League: The master rises, and the second can follow by descending. The last three are relegated, and the fourth of the last is relegated to the second division.

League B 1: Champion rises, runner-up play playoff against runner-up in B-League 2 On June 14 (8 p.m. in Biebrich) the winner moves into the relegation zone against the League A player with the return leg. The last five dismounted. League B 2: The champion rises, and the runner-up goes to the holder of the cut-off position. Six dismount. In 2022/23 there will be only one League B.

C-League: only mr rises. Depending on the number of team registrations, there is one or two relay C leagues.

From the Rambach/Igstadt/Kloppenheim gaming community, which will be disbanded after the round, Spvgg will play. Igstadt in league A, confirms TB Rambach in league C, Wiesbaden deputy director of football and director of league B Jürgen Brose. TV Kloppenheim will not report to a team.

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