WhatsApp: Will users soon have to identify themselves with the ID?

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In beta versions of WhatsApp, inventors and programmers are constantly discovering new functions. But not all of them enter the final version in the end.

WhatsApp may soon verify the identity of its users more closely. At least when it comes to paying via the messaging app.

WhatsApp wants to integrate the payment functionality into its messenger in the future. This has been known for a long time. The functionality has been available for select test users in India since 2018, and the WhatsApp Pay 2020 test run began in Brazil. Users in either country do not have to present an identity card or other official document to identify themselves. In India, the Facebook group’s service only verifies the phone number associated with the bank account in order to enable transactions. And in Brazil, credit or debit cards are validated via Facebook Pay. Isn’t that soon enough? Will payments using WhatsApp require an identity document in the future?

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Programming code reveals details

The new beta version of WhatsApp has strings in the code indicating that in the future the app will ask users to upload a document to verify their identity if they want to use WhatsApp’s payment function. It is not known if Facebook will introduce this change in India and Brazil. The company has not yet officially commented on the code that has emerged. It would be conceivable WhatsApp would like to offer the payment functionality in another country where other legal requirements apply. In this case, users in India and Brazil may not be affected. If more details about the WhatsApp payment function come out, you can learn about it in COMPUTER BILD.
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