Vanessa May looks forward to 'next chapter' - 'couldn't be better'

The singer celebrates his 30th birthday

On her 30th birthday, Vanessa May gives herself a makeover: instead of hit songs, she will sing pop songs in the future, she announced. What fans can expect.

Vanessa May announced her new album “Metamorphose” on August 12 – and she couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate title. Because in the past few months, the musician has changed a lot musically. She called Schlager right now.

Her beginnings as a pop singer

Mai began her musical career in 2012 in the pop group Wolkenfrei and then went on a solo track: in 2014 her debut album “Endlos Liebes” was released, which made it into the top 20 of the chart in Germany. With her subsequent albums, she maintained success, but kept her finger on the pulse of the times and became more musically modern.

Vanessa May: Here you can see the singer in 2013. (Source: IMAGO / STAR MEDIA)Vanessa May: Here you can see the singer in 2013. (Source: IMAGO / STAR MEDIA)

Since 2021, the singer has gradually said goodbye to success. In July 2018 and October 2020, she already collaborated with rappers Olexesh and Fourty with “Wir 2 ​​immer 1” and “Mitternacht” – at that time Schlager met rapper. Since then, she has continued to develop her passion for collaborating with other artists.

Vanessa May: The musician continues to reinvent herself musically.  (Source: IMAGO / POP-EYE)Vanessa May: The musician continues to reinvent herself musically. (Source: IMAGO / POP-EYE)

She has also worked with pop singer Mike Singer. This probably isn’t the last collaboration between the two artists either: “I’m sure other big things are going to happen with Vanessa and me,” Singer promised.

‘It couldn’t be better for us’

In private, Vanessa May is still happy with her husband Andreas Verbier, who is also her manager. The two married in 2017 and regularly posted photos of the couple on Instagram. This year they celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

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The fact that their professional and private lives overlap isn’t a problem for both of them: “We don’t separate them. We have a lifelong dream, and it’s great to be able to work together. It couldn’t be better for us, everyone feels that way,” May said in March. Different. But for us, it’s ideal not to separate work and private life.”

Vanessa May looks forward to ‘next chapter’

On May 2, Vanessa May celebrates her 30th birthday. How do you spend the day? “There are some ideas, but we’ll wait and see what we really get through. Because, as the saying goes: first, it turns out differently, and second, than you think.”

She doesn’t quarrel with her age, she said: “Every age is special and I lived my twenties well and had a lot of fun.” “Now I’m really excited for the next chapter. To be very honest.”


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