Home science Vaccine-avoiding virus?: ‘I can’t understand,’ says family doctor

Vaccine-avoiding virus?: ‘I can’t understand,’ says family doctor

Vaccine-avoiding virus?: ‘I can’t understand,’ says family doctor

A family doctor with long-term coronavirus infection issued a message Saturday to nurses seeking infection with the coronavirus to avoid getting vaccinated.

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In an interview with TVA Nouvelles, Dr. Anne Behreur admitted that she was completely overwhelmed by the idea that colleagues at the health network were considering such an option.

I can’t understand how we got to this level of misinformation; In terms of vaccination, but also on the risks of COVID,” she stated.

The coronavirus, and in particular the delta variant, can infect anyone, regardless of age and health.

“It’s really Russian roulette,” said Dr. Behror.

The latter is in a good position to know: She has lived with COVID for a long time since December 2020. After about 10 months, the family doctor is still having a hard time speaking.

“This is only one aspect of the long-running COVID,” she stressed.

The latter concluded that the virus posed a real danger to anyone who contracted it. The after effects can be quite significant and can be felt for an indefinite period, even permanently.

Dr. Behror is 45 years old, and the average lifespan of people infected with COVID is long. She also indicated that she was in good health before she contracted the virus.

“I was very energetic, always on one leg and the other. There, I’m still pretty much sitting still,” she said.

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