Live - Covid-19: 'increased risk' of developing Guillain-Barré syndrome with Janssen vaccine

Extension of immunization in Israel

While as of July 10, 57.3% of its population is fully vaccinated, Israel will encourage some of the vulnerable population to get vaccinated as well.

Professor Cyril Cohen, director of the Immunotherapy Laboratory at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, explained to i24NEWS Prime that he encouraged “vaccination for those under 12 with severe comorbidities and comorbid conditions.”

Professor Cyril Cohen explains: “We have already had quite a few cases: about 700 children have been vaccinated so far in Israel. It has been vaccinated sparingly and on a case-by-case basis. It will continue.” “This is very important because here we have children with very serious respiratory problems, children who have had transplants: they are very weak children. For this, vaccination is recommended, especially when you see the alternative. Delta that is spreading,” he added.

The professor also raised the possibility of giving a third dose to immunocompromised patients, in case of “low immunity”. “But I don’t think it should be done in general,” he concluded.

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