Home entertainment Uschi Obermaier wants to reconcile with Rainer Langhans

Uschi Obermaier wants to reconcile with Rainer Langhans

Uschi Obermaier wants to reconcile with Rainer Langhans

They were the dream couple in the 1968 movement, but since 2007 Rainer Langans and Ushe Obermayer haven’t spoken to each other. So far: the model seeks to communicate with his ex-partner.

They were among the most famous members of the legendary Berlin “Common 1” and became icons of the German hippie movement in the 1960s. But when “Das wilde Leben” about Uschi Obermaier was filmed in 2007, she broke up with her former partner Rainer Langhans.

“I wasn’t allowed to go to the set. Also not to be a counselor as discussed. On our last phone calls, I just screamed,” the former camper in the woods complained to the Bild newspaper. The former couple didn’t speak a word to each other for years. So far: After Langans announced he had cancer in October 2020, Obermayer called him again.

Beautiful love story

The 80-year-old said, “Oche emailed me from Portugal. She wants to reconcile, make peace. I’m very happy about that.” She understood that she no longer had to hate him. Obviously, Langans was a real surprise: “I wouldn’t have expected her again after all that had happened.”

But Obermayr apparently left past feuds behind: “She wrote me O’Shea that she would remember our time as a wonderful love story. I am so glad I always did.”

Langans has had prostate cancer since the summer of 2020. The 80-year-old told Bild that it was “aggressive and incurable.” In November 2020, he later announced the spread of cancer. Doctors discovered small tumors in the hip, collarbone, lumbar vertebra, and costal arch. Since then, Langans has been undergoing hormonal therapy. So far, he refused chemotherapy.

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