Home entertainment “I don’t want to give up”: Auma Obama continues dancing with the song “Let’s Dance”

“I don’t want to give up”: Auma Obama continues dancing with the song “Let’s Dance”

“I don’t want to give up”: Auma Obama continues dancing with the song “Let’s Dance”

“I don’t want to give up”
Uma Obama continues dancing on “Let’s Dance”

Fate has not been easy for Auma Obama in the recent past. The half-sister of former US President Barack Obama loses her mother and grandmother in quick succession. Nevertheless, she wants to continue with “Let’s Dance” – for herself and everyone she sets as a role model.

Auma Obama continues: Even though the sociologist just had to deal with two powerful blows of fate, she will be on “Let’s Dance” that evening.

Obama’s mother passed away a few days ago. Shortly before, the 61-year-old had already lost her grandmother. She now told RTL that she was “totally flustered” emotionally. But she still didn’t want to miss any show. Obama said, “I don’t want to give up, I want to go on.”

Obama affirms that she wants to set an example for the children and young people her foundation, Sauti Kuu, sponsors. She had to decide whether to hide and feel sorry for herself or whether to show people that life goes on. Obama said, “When you see that I can continue in such a difficult situation, you are brave.”

From Charleston to Bang Bang

Accordingly, in the upcoming release of “Let’s Dance,” she and her dance partner Andrzej Cibis will sweep the floor with Charleston to “Bang Bang” by Will.i.am as planned. Obama explains that dancing helps her, too: “It gives me joy and I have to laugh when I dance.”

Auma Obama, born in Kenya, is the half-sister of former US President Barack Obama. Not only is she a sociologist, but she is also a German, journalist, and author. Her founder, Sauti Kuu, which wants to help empower children in Africa to live a self-determined life, is just one of their many social ventures.

“I am like people who sing in the bathroom,” she joked about her dance skills ahead of the current “Let’s Dance” season. “I think I can dance well, but we’ll see if that is really the case in the days,” she added. Meanwhile, the jury and spectators were able to convince themselves of her abilities on the ground – in evaluating her performance recently she was in midfield.

Watch “Let’s Dance” every Friday at 8:15 pm on RTL. In addition, the shipment is also at any time TVNOW Retrieved. More information on the offer is available at RTL.de

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